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Submitting Bug Reports
Submitting a Pathway Tools Bug Report

Submitting a Pathway Tools Bug Report

When you encounter an error in the Pathway Tools software, please submit a bug report containing all of the information below. The more complete your bug report is, the more likely that SRI will be able to reproduce and fix the problem.

Follow These Steps to Report a Bug

  • Email the bug report to .
  • Tell us what operating system you are running Pathway Tools on, such as "Windows-2000" or "MacOS 10.5.8".

  • Tell us what version of Pathway Tools you were running -- the version number is included in the title bar of the main Navigator window

  • If the program printed an error message, such as in the window in which you first started the program, send us the error message

  • Tell us what you were doing when the error occurred, such as "I using the Get Gene by Name command to find the gene sdhA in E. coli"

  • If the window in which you first started the program contains a listing such as the following, it means you are in the debugger:
    Restart actions (select using :continue): 
     0: Return to Pathway Tools command level 
     1: Pathway Tools top level 
     2: Exit Pathway Tools 
    [changing package from "USER" to "ECOCYC"] 
    [1] EC(3): 

    Please type the following command and include the result that the debugger prints in your email:
    :zoom :count :all

    You can probably resume operation by typing :continue followed by the number of the line on which the text "Pathway Tools top level" occurs. In the case shown here you would type :continue 1 followed by Return.

  • Tell us how important it is to you to fix this problem