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Contributions to Pathway Tools

We solicit contributions of new functionality to Pathway Tools. This is by no means an exclusive list, but rather a set of ideas for what might be contributed. Contributions can be integrated directly into the Pathway Tools build at SRI, or can be distributed separately by their authors for loading into Pathway Tools. Pathway Tools source code is available. Interested? Contact .

  • Interface bioinformatics prediction algorithms to Pathway Tools so that predictions made by these tools can be integrated into a PGDB. Example predictors could include predictors of protein cellular location, or of regulatory elements.

  • Contribute new comparative capabilities to Pathway Tools.

  • Contribute metabolic engineering capabilities to Pathway Tools.

Past Contributors

We gratefully acknowledge the following contributions:

  • Development of the PerlCyc Perl API to Pathway Tools by Lukas Mueller of Boyce Thompson Institute

  • Development of the JavaCyc Java API to Pathway Tools by the TAIR project

  • Development of the RCyc API for the R Project by Tomer Altman of Stanford University

  • Development of the SBML output module by Jeremy Zucker of the Broad Institute