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Instructions for Setting up an Oracle Database for Pathway Tools

The Pathway Tools have been tested with Oracle versions 7.3.2 through 8.1.5. This document does not cover details on how to install Oracle or set up clients to access Oracle. Consult the Oracle Server Administrator's Guide for such information.

In order to use the Pathway Tools with Oracle, the database administrator will need to do the following:

  • Create a database with ORACLE_SID = PERK, and create tablespaces, datafiles, etc. Allocate roughly 500M for datafiles (at the present time, this is an overestimate of how much space you will need).
  • Create a user ECOCYC with password ECOCYC. Grant this user connect and resource privileges.
  • Connect to PERK using sqlplus and run the file aic-export/pathway-tools/ptools/[version]/sql/build-perk.sql. This will create the schema tables and indexes.